What is Linkbuilding?

There three main ways to get your company into the top spots on Yahoo!, Bing, or Google search engine results page: Keywords/Keyword phrases on your web pages, Social Media popularity, and Link building.

When a website is built and added to the internet it’s the keywords on pages that are indexed by the search engines spiders. Social Media provides access to potential new clients and customers to promote or sell your product. What is meant by link building is having other relevant websites link to your website. This results in link popularity. It tells the search engines that your website is an authority on the subject.

One of the many ways you can personally build up backlinks to your website is the use of blog comments.

Take ten minutes a day to read blogs and articles that are relevant to your website and make a genuine comment on their blog and simply place your website URL after your name. This creates a backlink. Another way to acquire quality links is to find other sites that are complementary to your website, not a direct competitor, and provide one another with a link exchange.

When hiring a link building service to choose one where the links they are promising are quality links. You do not want your company’s website link on another website that has 100 other links on it. This type of website is considered a link farm and will not in any way benefit your business. When decided on a marketing business to help promote your website decide on one that will not only provide Keyword placement, social media marketing outlets but check they are giving quality links back to your website.

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