The Art of Link building and effects of Quality Content

The reason for this is that the search engines like Google are always looking to improve their algorithms, they do this by constantly changing and updating the specifics in the ranking factors of which need to be followed to obtain good solid steady rankings.

We can say then that companies looking to rank well must keep their ear to the ground and nose in the air to quickly sense the winds of change and of what Google’s latest requirements are for in the area of Link building. We can also agree that its essential, that we can differentiate from what worked yesterday as to what needs to be done to work correctly and within Google’ webmaster guidelines today.

Keywords the first stage

The first place to start would be highlighting exactly what keyword or phrase you need to be competing for this will be determined on what your business is or does. Once you have decided on what keywords you are looking to target you then will need to decide on realistic strategies which will allow you to compete and rank higher than your competition. The higher you rank will be an example of the high quality backlinks you will be pulling in, with lower quality backlinks leaving your competitors always second best,  “quality over quantity” should be a principle.

Choosing Quality Content

It’s essential to know that the search engines do sift your links and will place a value on their findings. You need to make sure that you are delivering high-quality relevant content, make it unique fresh and partnered with a successful high-quality backlinking strategy in place will put you in good standing in the search engines. There are plenty of examples out there with sites full of garbage content which do gather links, these sites don’t gain any real value from these links, the following formula  explains the results you can expect  poor content quality + poor linking = No rankings

Try and obtain links from credible sources,,,, links from these sites hold high value and add quality juice to you linking structure, more than say random URLs from around the web.

So you need to create a good structure that will draw credible links. Always remember you are trying to capture the attention of the audience and draw them into your site. In general, people have a very short attention span so capturing is the key.  Catchy titles and a strong opening paragraph which tell them exactly what you are all about and what you do.

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

Many times have I seen a rogue company fly into top positions from out of nowhere, these sites stick out like a sore thumb in the eyes of Google. Yes, it’s unfair and they grab some of the limelight at the top, all the hard work you seem to have done looks like it’s been a waste of time. In the same way, they flew in, they fly right back out, underhand tactics and wrong manipulation will give a quick boost and rocket rankings.

You need to remember a quick fix is exactly what it is only for a short period, once Google has crawled your site and updated its algorithm you can bet you will be further behind than when you first started off.  It’s better to do the work and put in the slog and build for the future and not the present. Google will reward the diligent, and mark down the underhand tactics of those who want quick fixes. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, put in the work gains the rewards and recognition you will deserve.

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