Link Builders living in a Post Panda World

With all of the changes made with Panda and its new updates, the older gurus of link building will have to take a seat until further notice. Link Building UK wants to share a few thoughts with you in regards to living in a Post Panda world. You will be given a few tips and ideas on how to still be great at link building and not lose your killer edge.

Submitting your blogs to blog directories are one of those golden gems that are overlooked. Blog directories can really do a good deal of sharing and also providing your content to be searchable across the Google analytic highways and expressways (I know usually people say bi-ways, but no one knows what those bi-ways really are). As you redefine your skill of link building the next steps following will really put the icing on the cake for you.

With social media networks and social bookmarking sites growing rampant please make sure that in your profile you have something that they can click on to then go to your site. Everyone is always snooping around seeing what you are doing on the web. UK link building knows that people will click your links in your profile to see what you are truly about as a person. It is the best way to get new visitors to check out who you are.

Last but not least, become a guest blogger. Every now and then take the time out to be a guest blogger on another website. Guest blogging truly helps to build links needed to those websites at hand. Comment on other blogs and leave as many valuable comments as you can. Submit only original content and nothing more. Research topics you are proposing and make sure you know the topic you hope to write about as well.

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